Important, please read!

We are doing pre-orders only. At our location in Lakefield, there is a convenient drive-thru window for all pick ups. We are requiring orders to be placed around 4-5 days ahead of time.

Standard pick up day will be Thursday and Friday each week from 10am-4pm. Deadline for all orders is Monday nights at midnight.

If you place an order on Tuesday-Friday, that will be pushed to the following Thursday or Friday pick up date.

If we have any extra items available at any given time, we will post those items on Facebook.

When ordering…

Please choose from the available pickup dates at checkout. If your specific pickup date is not available, we are currently booked for that day. Cheesecake keeps in the refrigerator for 7-10 days and can then be moved to the freezer. Feel free to order ahead of time! Otherwise, please feel free to visit our Wholesale accounts, which can be found under the “Get in touch/Locations” tab.

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